Coordinator’s Corner — August

Arborists and urban foresters talk a lot about nurturing trees. To do that, tree care practitioners must continually nurture their understanding of trees. At the recent International Society of Arboriculture Annual (ISA) meeting in Columbus, Ohio, I was honored to receive a recognition titled “ISA True Professional of Arboriculture.” It was an exciting and humbling … Continue reading Coordinator’s Corner — August

Focus on: Drought (Timely Tree Tips)

Drought, or the more generic term water stress, has been a big issue for trees in our area, resulting in tree decline and mortality in forests, natural areas, and yards across the region. Starting in 2012, we have had a series of record-setting summers in terms of heat and days without rain. This is taking … Continue reading Focus on: Drought (Timely Tree Tips)

2018 Community Tree Seminars, Coming to a City Near You!

“Healthy Trees, Healthy Communities” Human health and well-being are closely intertwined with the health of our environment. There are deep connections between public health and trees in particular, according to current research. This year's seminar, “Healthy Trees, Healthy Communities,” will investigate common forest health issues faced by Washington communities and the resulting impacts on people … Continue reading 2018 Community Tree Seminars, Coming to a City Near You!

Introducing the PNW Tree Failure Database

Since 1987, arborists in California have been tracking tree failures using the California Tree Failure Report Program. In 2012, tree failure data from California was merged with the International Tree Failure Database (ITFD). Unfortunately, the ITFD was taken off-line by the U.S. Government in 2015 with no plans to restore it in the foreseeable future. … Continue reading Introducing the PNW Tree Failure Database

2017 Forest Health Highlights Report

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources and USDA Forest Service conduct annual aerial surveys to identify, map and monitor the impacts of insect and diseases on forest lands throughout the state. Aerial survey data are verified with ground-based observations and are compared against the results of other forest health research happening throughout the state. Survey results are compiled … Continue reading 2017 Forest Health Highlights Report