Coordinator’s Corner — August

Arborists and urban foresters talk a lot about nurturing trees. To do that, tree care practitioners must continually nurture their understanding of trees. At the recent International Society of Arboriculture Annual (ISA) meeting in Columbus, Ohio, I was honored to receive a recognition titled “ISA True Professional of Arboriculture.” It was an exciting and humbling … Continue reading Coordinator’s Corner — August

Coordinator’s Corner — April Celebrates the Tree Planter’s Holiday

Happy Arbor Day! Here at DNR we celebrate the “tree planter’s holiday” all month long with communities across the state. Often celebrations include Earth Day, which supports activities friendly to the environment. The celebrations definitely complement each other. Trees provide a lot of positive environmental benefits as well as social and economic benefits. And Earth … Continue reading Coordinator’s Corner — April Celebrates the Tree Planter’s Holiday

Coordinator’s Corner — March

It’s time to march into the busy season for urban forestry. Spring through fall, is the time for tree maintenance; pruning, planting, irrigation set-up, etc. Do you have your “marching orders” -- an annual work plan for your community forest? Are you following and tracking your maintenance and management activities? Planning is the foundation of … Continue reading Coordinator’s Corner — March

Coordinator’s Corner — February

The phrase "I love trees" can apply to many of the wonderful benefits we attribute to trees in our community forest landscape. February is celebrated as the month of hearts, not only in the romantic sense for Valentine’s Day, but as American Heart Month by the American Heart Association. Did you know that sitting can … Continue reading Coordinator’s Corner — February