Coordinator’s Corner–January

Winter means rain in western Washington. Rain that sheets over impervious surfaces, collecting debris and toxins that can, in turn, be carried to urban stream systems degrading water quality and imperiling aquatic habitats. Stormwater runoff is the number one source of pollution in Washington’s waters. During this legislative session, Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz … Continue reading Coordinator’s Corner–January

Coordinator’s Corner — December

Tree season is here! You know it’s December (or at least sometime after Thanksgiving) when cars drive by with Christmas trees tied on top, corner lots are filled with evergreen trees, and trees grace the front windows of homes, decorated with sparkling lights that shine through the darkness of deep winter days. Do you have, … Continue reading Coordinator’s Corner — December

Coordinator’s Corner — September

It’s hard to believe it’s mid-September already, with October and Urban and Community Forestry Month just around the corner. This summer we’ve been busy writing grant applications and preparing for our own 2019 UCF grant season. I’m happy to announce that DNR’s Urban & Community Forestry Program has applied for and received funding for three … Continue reading Coordinator’s Corner — September

Coordinator’s Corner — August

Arborists and urban foresters talk a lot about nurturing trees. To do that, tree care practitioners must continually nurture their understanding of trees. At the recent International Society of Arboriculture Annual (ISA) meeting in Columbus, Ohio, I was honored to receive a recognition titled “ISA True Professional of Arboriculture.” It was an exciting and humbling … Continue reading Coordinator’s Corner — August