Coordinator’s Corner — November

To me, the month of November always brings thankfulness to mind. Thankfulness for family, friends, community and, of course, trees. There is plenty to be thankful for when it comes to our community and urban forests. By now, Tree Link readers should be well aware of the multitude of benefits and co-benefits attributed to trees. … Continue reading Coordinator’s Corner — November

Coordinator’s Corner — July

Washington state’s Urban and Community Forestry Program provides technical, educational, and financial assistance to local governments, citizen groups and volunteers to help them plant and sustain healthy trees and vegetation in communities throughout our state. We are able to provide these services thanks to funding from the USDA Forest Service. In recent weeks, we’ve learned … Continue reading Coordinator’s Corner — July

DNR Launches Rural Communities Partnership Initiative

Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz and DNR’s Community Development Director Josh Wilund launched The Rural Communities Partnership Initiative (RCPI) a few weeks ago on June 6, 2017. This initiative is an ongoing in which where the Department of Natural Resources will partner with communities to pair agency assets and expertise with sustainable development opportunities … Continue reading DNR Launches Rural Communities Partnership Initiative

Defend Your Home from Wildfire! Cisco Morris shows you how

Do you know how to defend your home from fire? No, not standing on the roof with a garden hose but keeping the landscaping around your house healthy and fire resistant – especially important if you live in a rural area. Ciscoe Morris, master gardener and certified arborist, narrates four shows made for TV that … Continue reading Defend Your Home from Wildfire! Cisco Morris shows you how