In rural and urban communities throughout King County, forests store carbon and provide climate benefits, improve water and air quality, enhance habitat for salmon and other wildlife, reduce polluted stormwater runoff in our communities and waterways, offer recreational opportunities, and provide cool shade for streams and sidewalks.

As part of our Strategic Climate Action Plan, we are developing a 30-Year Forest Plan, working with communities to determine what goals we need to achieve together for tree canopy, forest cover, and forest health.

Many actions will achieve multiple benefits, but we are most successful when we prioritize our efforts to achieve shared goals. As we develop the plan that will guide our investments and actions with partners over the next three decades, we want to hear from you.

What is most important to you? Should we prioritize confronting climate change? Or improving human health outcomes? Or promoting healthy forests in King County Parks? Or enhancing habitat? Or something else?

What are the most important actions King County can take with partners over the next 30 years? Should we focus on improving the health of existing forests or preserving additional forestland? Should we plant trees in areas where there is lower tree cover or should we plant more trees near rivers and streams?

We invite you take a few minutes to answer this brief survey, part of ongoing discussion we’re hosting between now and December 2020. Your input will help us determine which outcomes you want us to achieve in rural and urban forests and how we should prioritize our efforts to succeed.

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