If you’re a dedicated Tree Link reader, then this opportunity is for you.

American Grove is a website designed to help urban forestry advocates share information. The Grove is open to anyone across the country, but we have our own subspace—the Washington Grove—to maintain a focus on Washington-specific topics in urban forestry.

Among many features offered by the Grove is a discussion board that we have named WATREETALK. Anyone subscribed to the Washington Grove can post to the discussion board.

Subscribers can have new messages sent to them directly via email by “following” the discussion. To reply to a message or post a new one, you will have to visit the Grove website and log in.

The intent is that subscribers can ask questions, advertise opportunities, promote projects and ideas, and stay more connected in general.

There are three actions you need to take to join the Grove and follow the discussion:

  1. Register/Sign up for the American Grove (includes creating a username and password)
  1. Join the Washington Grove
    • Click on the State Groves tab
    • Scroll to find the Washington State Grove
    • Click the green ‘Join Us’ button
  1. “Follow” the WATREETALK discussion.
    • Be sure you are on the WATREETALK tab within the Washington Grove
    • Scroll to the bottom of the message board display
    • In the bottom right corner, locate the statement “Email me when there are new items”
    • Click the small rectangular white button labeled “follow.” Once you click this, the button will turn black and read “following”

By completing these steps, new items posted to the WATREETALK discussion will arrive in your email and prompt you to participate. Each message delivered to your inbox will include a hyperlink at the bottom of the message to ‘reply.’ Clicking this link will automatically route you back to the Washington Grove webpage where you can add to the discussion.

Consider using a browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome that will save your username and password for you. This will streamline your process for logging back into the site and make it easier to use.

If you get stuck or have questions, please contact me directly at ben.thompson@dnr.wa.gov. We will provide additional information in future editions of Tree Link.

We hope the Washington State Grove will be the perfect place to ask questions, find local volunteer opportunities, learn about upcoming events and share news happening in your neighborhood forest!