“Cultivating Resilient Communities”

Community trees and greenspaces provide tremendous benefits. Negative impacts on natural systems have consequences for the safety, health and welfare of communities. A new seminar, “Cultivating Resilient Communities,” will explore the many strategies that communities can use to resist, withstand and recover from storms and other landscape-scale threats to their urban forests.

This seminar, developed by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources Urban & Community Forestry Program, will focus on how to manage urban trees for increased resilience in the face of threats and challenges. It will also explore how community-wide stewardship of natural resources can help promote a broader sense of environmental, economic and social resilience.


Topics will include:

  • How urban and community forests are threatened by natural and man-made events
  • Connections between natural resource stewardship and community health and welfare
  • Dimensions of risk in the urban forest
  • Planning principles behind community readiness, response and recovery
  • Management strategies to improve resilience of community trees and forests
  • Contributions of citizens, volunteers, non-profits and other organizations to community resilience

Dates and times for the 2017 seminars have not yet been confirmed; however, we hope to return to the same eight cities that hosted this event in 2016: Vancouver, Bellevue, Mount Vernon, Olympia, Poulsbo, Richland, Spokane and Wenatchee.

Please stay tuned for the March edition of the Tree Link for more details and information on how to register for a seminar near you.