The first annual Community Trees Seminar from DNR’s Urban and Community Forestry Program, “Asset Management for Community Trees,” was hosted by 9 cities across Washington state in 2015. The seminar was a half-day program discussing the different types of natural resource assessments commonly used by local governments including canopy cover analyses, sample inventories, and tree-by-tree inventories for street and park trees.

This report prepared by the Center for Neighborhood Technology

Here are the key messages from that seminar:

  • Trees are public assets and components of municipal infrastructure
  • Like other infrastructure, trees require maintenance and care to maximize useful service life and benefits, reduce risks, and control costs.
  • An asset management system (such as a tree inventory) is essential to maximizing the return on investment in our public assets

This year’s seminar, “Quality Trees, Quality Cities”, discusses the importance of adopting best practices for community trees (see article in this edition of the Tree Link); however, the need for better asset management of trees in Washington cities remains strong, and the messages conveying that bear repeating.

Check out the following for more information on asset management and tree inventory:

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