Cultivating a Greener Collective Impact: A Guidebook for Regional Urban Forestry Collaboration
Urban forests are often defined by political boundaries; however, threats to urban forests, as well as opportunities to enhance urban forests, are present across the landscape regardless of lines drawn on a map. If you’ve ever wanted to explore urban forest management on a regional scale then be sure to check out this new publication produced by the Portland-Vancouver Regional Urban Forestry Strategy Partnership. Or to learn more about regional collaboration right here in the Pacific Northwest, check out the bi-state urban forestry strategy.

Most homeowners can’t properly assess tree damage
A recent study from the University of Florida Extension compares and contrasts how homeowners and professionals perceive tree damage and related risks in the urban landscape. Spoiler alert, the pro’s are better at it. Learn more by checking out this summary and links to the published study.

Resident speaks up, saves a tree in Vancouver, WA
A little forethought and the willingness to speak up by a concerned resident in the City of Vancouver, Washington, resulted in a plan to preserve a native bigleaf maple tree. Check out this short article published in The Columbian that tells the story.

UMass Amherst watershed scientists offer national flood and runoff assessment
The first continent-wide, multi-factor analysis of climate and land cover effects on watersheds in the United States has been released and provides a broad new assessment of runoff, flooding and storm water management options for land use and town planners, and water quality managers. Recommendations include the increased use of green infrastructure and best management practices to enhance watershed system resilience. Read more about the assessment.

Do you know your “Tree Pruning Essentials?”
Purdue University has just released a new publication on the essentials of tree pruning; check it out for yourself or for city staff.

DNR partners with the City of Tukwila to produce tree care videos
In case you missed the article that we published last month, be sure to check out the new videos here.