The Washington State Arbor Day is always the second Wednesday in April, but some Washington cities plant trees at other times of the year.

This month’s poll aims to settle the debate over when the most optimal time is to plant trees in Washington. We recognize, however, that opinions might be split between Eastern or Western Washington due to differences in climate and other planting conditions.

Not to fear, there are TWO POLLS this month–one for each side of the state. Feel free to participate in just one or both of them, but only vote in both polls if you have experience planting on both sides of the Cascades.

Please take a moment to participate. It takes just a few seconds, your response is completely anonymous, and results will help DNR staff continue to provide meaningful content in future editions of the Tree Link.

When selecting your answer, please pay close attention to whether you are voting in the Eastern or Western Washington poll and choose the Season that you feel is the most appropriate for tree planting.

Happy voting, and Happy planting!