This past fall, the City of Richland’s Parks and Recreation Department launched a community-level competition aimed at strengthening the fabric of their community by connecting together area residents with art, local parks, trees, and fun activities.

A vibrant yarn-bombed pin oak in Richland, Washington
A vibrant ‘yarn-bombed’ pin oak in Richland, Washington. Photo: City of Richland.

“Sweater Weather: Fashion for the Urban Forest” challenged Richland’s fittest knitters, the avante guard and other creative crafters to design and fit sweaters on trees in two prominent city parks.

The winners of the contest can be seen on Richland Parks and Recreation’s official Sweater Weather webpage. This public art installation garnered so much attention that it was also covered by the local media:

The idea is a bit different but isn’t exactly a new one. In 2011, trees in Seattle’s Occidental Park were “yarn bombed” in a similar fashion (pun intended).

Call it what you will, but any community-driven event that gets people outside in parks and brings positive attention to urban trees is one worth celebrating.