Okay, we make mistakes, but we also fix them. Fortunately, WordPress (Tree Link’s electronic platform) allows us to revise and update articles after they are published.

In response to last month’s installment of “A Tree to Try — European Mountain-ash (a Rosaceae by any other name…)”, several readers wrote to Tree Link with concerns about featuring the Mountain-ash tree given its invasive nature, which the article did not mention. To correct this oversight, the article was amended to say:

“Yet, while the birds enjoy this tree, it is far less popular among Ecologists, and with good reason. The Mountain-ash does have invasive tendencies and is on the Washington Noxious Weed Control Board’s ‘monitor’ list, and on King County’s ‘weed of concern’ list. If you are to try this tree, do so sparingly and choose your planting areas wisely to limit the potential of escape into natural areas”.

That same article also referred to Mountain-ash fruits as berries, however, it was brought to our attention that berries are a specific type of fruit (which include grapes, blueberries, and currants) and that Mountain-ash have pome fruits, putting them in same category as apples, pears, and quince. The article was amended to suggest that Mountain-ash fruits are “berry-like”.

In the July edition of “A Tree to Try — Not a Purpleleaf Plum (plenty of other pleasing purple plant picks)”, the article originally promoted a cultivar of European Beech called ‘Dawyck’s Purple’, however a reader pointed out that this was a narrow-growing cultivar and correctly questioned that we intended to promote ‘Autropurpea’, a purple-leafed cultivar with a more typical Beech growth habit. The article was updated accordingly.