Is your community Rain Ready?

This water conservation initiative from the Chicago area has great ideas for people and communities to resolve common stormwater issues in cities and towns.

Learn more than you ever thought possible about a broad range of invasive species.

Created by USDA-APHIS’ Identification Technology Program (ITP), ID Tools helps agency staff to quickly identify pests, including insects, diseases, harmful weeds, and more.

Oregon State University offers the first on-line graduate certificate in Urban Forestry for professionals interested in continuing education.

If you’ve ever been interested in graduate-level education but felt you didn’t have the time, now there’s an new option. Check out this online certificate program.

The National Climate Assessment was released this past May.

How will climate change affect you? Read the full report or fast forward to an overview of anticipated impacts in the Pacific Northwest.

If the presence of mature trees on a property increase its value, and annual property taxes are based on that value, are city trees actually helping generate local tax revenue?

Check out this entry of the Deeproot blog and learn how to do the math.

The ISA has re-designed their website for the general public to explain the importance of proper tree care.

Visit to see what they’ve done with it.

How do trees affect the weather?

Sure, trees have an impact on climate change, but did you know that trees can actually impact local and immediate weather? Check out this video that explains it.