The ISA has re-designed their website for the general public that explains the importance of proper tree care.

Visit to see what they’ve done with it!

How do Trees Affect the Weather?

Sure, trees have an impact on climate change, but did you know that trees can actually impact local and immediate weather? Check out this video that explains it.

Ever wonder how a tree moves water?

This YouTube video, The Most Amazing Thing About Trees, explains the physics of water movement in trees. It’s heavy on the science but the process is explained well so that most of us without a PhD in Physics can still follow.

Understanding Tree Risk: A Webinar for Municipal Officials — DOWNLOAD

Sponsored by the states of Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, and the Pacific NW Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture, this webinar  is for mayors, city councilors, city managers, attorneys, and other community leaders who want to mitigate risk associated with public trees, understand city responsibilities, and more. Download the presentations here (65 MB). Within the zip file are two PDF files—one for each presentation–and an accompanying audio (MP3) file for each. Questions and answers are located near the end of the second audio file. Webinar hosts are Paul Ries, Oregon Community Forestry Coordinator, and Jerry Mason, attorney for the Association of Idaho Cities.

Does Your City Have New Tree Board Members?

Ask them to attend Tree Board University! This FREE online learning experience, which is open to anyone, will help orient citizens to what it means to serve on a tree advisory committee and help them “hit the ground running” as a new board member. To sign up, attendees should visit:

Integrating Vegetation into Sustainable Transportation Planning may Benefit Public Health

In recent years, the health of people living, working, or going to school near roads with high traffic volume has been a rising national concern. Researchers, planners and policymakers met recently to discuss options for mitigating these health concerns. They agreed that vegetation barriers can help. Find the full article online.

Trees are Good for Business

Research shows that people’s reactions to trees can have positive effects on everything from the market value of homes to traffic safety. But did you know that trees also have a positive effect on central business districts? Dr. Kathy Wold tells us how the character and quality of a streetscape can affect the appeal of a business district and the buying behavior of visitors to the district. Hint: trees are part of the puzzle. Learn more by visiting this webpage.

Monumental Trees

Trees are remarkable in so many ways. Here is a website that celebrates trees that are big, tall, old, or in some way unique. From redwoods to baobabs, this site holds  photos and details of truly monumental trees.