Happy Arbor Month!

April is one of the months in which Arbor Day events are held statewide, celebrating both trees and communities that have made a commitment to managing their trees as Tree City USAs. October, which is proclaimed as Urban and Community Forestry month in Washington, is another month of celebration. Staff and Washington Community Forestry Council members are presenting awards in over 30 communities this spring and are happy to present your award to your community council or at a community event at any time throughout the year. Arbor Day or Urban and Community Forestry month are two opportunities to engage citizens and community leaders in urban forestry activities and educate them about the multitude of benefits that trees provide.

We welcome two new Washington Tree City USAs this year. Pateros and Puyallup will receive their first awards this month. Congratulations! Puyallup is hosting Washington’s official State Arbor Day event this year on April 19, where our State Forester, Aaron Everett, will recognize their community as well as other represented Tree Cities. Let us know if your community is interested in participating and receiving recognition at the event.

We recently awarded community forestry assistance, public tree inventory, and Tree City USA tree planting grants. You can find a list of the projects on our grant resources web page.

Have a wonderful spring, and if you are celebrating Arbor Day, feel free to send us stories and photos of events for Tree Link (but please remember to include a photo release for children under the age of 18).