CaptureThe City of Gig Harbor has turned a significant tree hazard into an amazing work of art. The City received a request from a local park support group, the Maritime Playzone Committee, to transform the tree into a unique tree carving.  The Committee selected Jeff Samudosky, a local woodcarving expert, to take on the 10-foot tall co-dominate stump left for such a project by the City’s Public Works Parks Department. Samudosky was the 1st place winner in the annual woodcarving Husky Cup competition in Mulda, Germany. The finished product could be nothing but the most significant piece of art in this small city.12682_504980856238611_580956695_n[2]

The 100+ year old Thujia Plicata has been monitored for about 10 years. Cabling the two stems has been the only safeguard implemented by the city arborists. As time went on, city arborists, Dave Fischbach and Dan Lilley, requested a second opinion from Linden Lampman with Washington State DNR to have a look at the potential risks they were facing. She agreed that the City had limited options regarding risk management of this issue.

1378106_534577576612272_860203750_n[1]Following that evaluation, we had to resolve the hazard due to the playground and parking lot being the main targets.

The theme of Samudosky’s carving depicts native Puget Sound marine life.  One really must visit this masterpiece to appreciate all of the detail the artist has created from the massive cedar stump.  Please come and visit Gig Harbor, and swing by City Park at Crescent Creek located at 3303 Vernhardson St., Gig Harbor, WA 98335. Don’t forget your camera.

~Article and all photos provided by the City of Gig Harbor.