There has been a lot of change in UCF over the past year. February was no exception. We are excited to  welcome Ben Thompson as a new (returning) member of the team. Ben brings with him an amazing set of skills and experience. As the Urban and Community Forestry Specialist, don’t hesitate to give him a call to welcome him back to Washington, to pick his brain about technical issues, or to invite him to visit your community.

Next month, April, is a big month in the urban forestry world with Arbor Day celebrations scheduled throughout the state. If you would like to invite UCF staff or a member of the Washington Community Forestry Council to your celebration or city council meeting to present your community’s Tree City award, please let us know as soon as possible by sending in a request. Requests need to be received no later than March 31st; requests received after that date may not be accommodated depending on staff availability. Proclaiming Arbor Day is an annual requirement standard for Tree City USA recognition, however, it can be, and should be, more than just a proclamation.

Celebrations provide the perfect opportunity to educate decision-makers and citizens about the importance of trees in the urban environment and to gain support for your program.

As you plan your celebration, keep in mind that we are offering Arbor Day tree planting grants to help you purchase a landscape-sized tree.

Happy planning. Happy planting. Happy Spring.

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