A new year brings a new round of grants. If your community is a Tree City USA or applying for that designation this year, take advantage of our tree planting grant to get some great projects done. Or you can apply for an inventory grant to discover more information about your community trees and start prioritizing future maintenance and budgets. Use the Community Forestry Assistance grant to jump start an educational program or develop a management plan for your public tree resource.

We are working on a “Grant 101” webinar presentation which will also be recorded. If you miss it, go to our grant resources page to find a copy. Give us a call if you have questions about the applications. Visit our grant resources webpage to find a list of past grants.

As we roll into the season for Arbor Day, please let us know if we can help. We are happy to publish your event in the Tree Link event calendar, join in your community’s Arbor Day celebration, or even present a Tree City award to your city council. Contact us at urban_forestry@dnr.wa.gov, 360-902-1703, or follow this link to fill out a request.