Green Kent Stewards receive Urban Forestry Stewardship Award

Green Kent Partnership volunteer stewards will  receive the Urban Forestry Stewardship Award at the September 11 meeting of the Washington Urban and Community Forestry Council. The public is invited.

The award recognizes exceptional leadership, creativity, cooperation and stewardship toward the goals of urban and community forestry in Washington.

Council member Ara Erickson, Weyerhaeuser Sustainability Manager, made the notification, saying, “The Washington Urban and Community Forestry Council is pleased to honor such a worthy group of volunteers. The Green Kent Stewards are wonderful examples of how volunteers can take active roles in caring for their natural areas and helping their urban forests thrive. The Stewards’ sheer number of work parties hosted, acres of invasive species cleared, and native trees and shrubs planted greatly impressed the Council. We are delighted to recognize the Stewards and the Green Kent Partnership.”

For more information about the program and the next steward orientation, contact Victoria Andrews, 253-856-5113,

Green Kent Stewards receive the WA CFC award