cejaOSU Plant imageKatsuratree, (Cercidiphyllum japonicum) is a medium-to-large deciduous shade tree, hardy to zone 5a. Trees grow best in sunny or light shade. They are pyramidal when young, but spread out as they grow. Opposite-growing heart-shaped leaves are arranged in neatly spaced pairs along delicate branches. Leaves turn a yellow to apricot color in fall and are said to give off a spicy, almost brown sugar odor.

Although this tree prefers moist well-drained soil it is considered drought-tolerant once established. It may need supplemental water during long, dry periods.

Because this is a larger tree, it is important to provide enough rooting space for it to grow; place in tree lawns at least six feet wide, or with a minimum of 200 square feet if planted in parking lot islands. Young trees should be pruned in order to develop a strong branching structure.

Katsuratrees are not susceptible to insects or disease.

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