Mature Trees Significantly Reduce Energy Use in Urban Areas. New research assessing the energy conservation merits of a residential Toronto tree planting program found that an average tree conserves 435 to 483 kWh of electricity over 25 years after planting.

Trees as street lamps? A small group of biotechnology hobbyists and entrepreneurs has started a project to develop plants that glow, potentially leading the way for trees that can replace electric street lamps and potted flowers luminous enough to read by.

Jumbo planters act as reservoir, filter and more. As cities search for a solution to flash rainstorms that can result in urban flooding and pollution of drinking water sources, the city of Burlington, Vermont, is installing jumbo planters to address the problem.

Why use Ipe when you have black locust? Ipe is a tropical hardwood often used in outdoor construction because it is resilient and lasts a long time. But ipe has become increasingly rare and methods used to find and harvest trees wreak havoc on the environment. Enter black locust. Often thought of as a “weed tree” it is becoming the “new ipe.”

Can lack of trees kill you faster? Geoffrey Donovan, of the USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station, was recently interviewed about his research into the impacts on public health from trees dying of EAB infestation.

And a follow up interview with Donovan who responds to criticisms of the science behind his research.