What’s In the Box? Growing Our Community: Paul Johnson, Urban Forestry Coordinator with Texas A&M Forest Service, tells us in just a few minutes how to “save the world” with trees, and how to use  “tree tai chi”  to plant a tree.

Nature and Human Well Being: Tree and Human Health May Be Linked: Evidence is increasing from multiple scientific fields that exposure to the natural environment can improve human health. In a new study by the U.S. Forest Service, the presence of trees was associated with human health.

What’s the recipe for great looking trees in 25 years? With plenty of soil volume, even downtown city trees are looking good.

Love trees? Learn about trees with “Tree of the Day.”

Are Rain Gardens Mini Toxic Cleanup Sites? Sure rain gardens and swales capture storm water run-off, but how do they affect our health?

rain garden
from Building a Rain Garden, Seattle Public Utilities