Ah, summer. Was it shorter this year, or does it just seem shorter?

During the ebbing tide of these warm, dry days, it is important to remember that trees are not out of the woods yet. Moisture is on its way, but hasn’t arrived in its full fall force. Recently planted trees still need extra water to help them push through the last dry days of the year, into winter dormancy.

Even while caring for existing trees it is time to plan for fall planting. Taking care to select the best tree for the site will help develop a long-term, sustainable community forest. A sustainable forest will be one that is well planned, well cared for, and diverse; composed of many different tree species. Careful planning makes it possible to care for new trees without short-changing the maintenance needs of existing trees.

An inventory of existing trees is a valuable tool in planning the community forest. This month we are launching our pilot public tree inventory project. Check out the Coordinator’s Corner for an update.

Happy planning and planting!