Urban Branches Partnership

planting treesIn 2011, Spokane Urban Forestry and The Lands Council signed a memorandum of understanding and created a new program called Urban Branches.  Urban Branches represents a collective effort to maximize the two organizations’ mutual goals and objectives in enhancing Spokane’s urban forest canopy. There are several features of the Urban Branches partnership including a fund dedicated wholly to City-wide tree planting projects.  This allows individuals to make tax-deductible contributions—as memorials, gifts, dedications, or donations—that directly support tree planting efforts in the City of Spokane. Urban Branches will also partner with us on NeighborWoods assisting in helping citizens take care of the trees in their community. For more information contact Spokane Urban Forestry 509-363-5495 or The Lands Council at 509-838-4912.

Reprinted from The Tall Tree Newsletter, February/March 2012, vol. 2, no. 2