A community may want to build diversity into its tree program with a city-owned tree nursery where tree species not commonly available in the retail industry can be grown-out to a size appropriate for street  or park trees. But there is more to it than planting a seedling into a pot of soil and watching it grow. “Strategies 
for Growing a High‐Quality Root System, Trunk, and Crown in a
Nursery” is a California Releaf publication that walks the reader through the process necessary for growing healthy, structurally sound trees.

Founded in 1964, the Society of Municipal Arborists (SMA) is a professional organization for municipal arborists, urban foresters, consultants, parks superintendents, and affiliates. Its mission is to “lead the world in building the confidence, competence, and camaraderie of the family of professionals who create and sustain community forests.” Visit www.urban-forestry.com to learn more.