Clyde Hill Poster and Poetry Contest

The City of Clyde Hill has a goal to educate the children of Clyde Hill Elementary School in the values and aims of the National Arbor Day Foundation; that is, to inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. With that goal in mind, the City works collaboratively with the Bellevue School District to sponsor an annual Arbor Day Poster and poem contest for the students.

Arbor Day poster

The theme for 2011 was “I Know of a Tree…”

Before completing the poems and posters, students discuss the value of trees, learn about the proper care of trees and discuss how to be good stewards of this important resource.

The judges must have a hard time selecting contest winners because it is clear by the quality of the entries that the students take pride in doing an outstanding job!

The contest culminates with the highlight of the season, the annual Clyde Hill Arbor Day Celebration held at the school.

Students and other participants at the celebration learn about the history of Arbor Day and are challenged and entertained with an informative quiz on tree related trivia. The Arbor Day Proclamation from the Mayor is read to the crowd and Clyde Hill is awarded the Tree City USA Award (2011 was the City’s 18th year). The first, second, and third place winners of the poster and poem contests are recognized and receive special books relating to trees: “Meetings with Remarkable Trees” and “Remarkable Trees of the World.”

Passing out plants

No Arbor Day is complete without planting the special Arbor Day Tree. In 2011, an ivory silk Japanese tree lilac (Syringa reticulata ‘Ivory Silk’) was planted next to the City Hall parking lot, near the entrance to Clyde Hill Elementary.

At the conclusion of the event, each student was presented with a small tree to plant, and steward at home, along with informational booklets from the National Arbor Day Foundation.

Clyde Hill believes that to educate a child is to educate the family.  By teaching children the value of our natural resources, we hope the children will teach their families.

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